PDP may cease to exist in few weeks – check reasons

PDP may cease to exist in few weeks. The People Democratic Party PDP name may not be held among the political parties in Nigeria if the coalition among the of 36 political parties and the new PDP bloc within the All Progressives Congress scale through. For the coalition to work the name PDP must be changed because the name appeared to have offended Nigerians.

PDP may cease to exist in few weeks as a condition given by nPDP for form allaince and return to PDP. PDP in a bid to win 2019 presidential election the party may consider the option of changing it name.

To look into the offer, the party set up the contact and integration committee led by a former Governor of Cross River State, Liyel Imoke, to liaise with individuals, groups and political party leaders who want to either return or join the PDP.

The report will be submitted on Wednesday next (this) week except if it is extended. The report will be subjected to legal scrutiny and advice.

Source: Punch


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