Pastor Adeboye message on DOMINION at 66th RCCG Annual Convention

The General Overseer of Redeemed christian of God Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye spoke to millions of people at the Redemption camp on his message he titled DOMINION which is also the Theme of the 66th Annual Convention of RCCG. He spoke on the need for Christians to have dominion in all aspects of their lives. RCCG convention and Congress have the concentration of the world largest Christians gathering.

Pastor Adeboye delivered the sermon at the new auditorium which filled to a maximum capacity. The Old auditorium was also full with people who couldn’t make to the new auditorium. Adeboye saw the mammon crowd, he promised that the Church will keep expanding the Redemption camp until it reach the side of Ibadan.

Pastor Adeboye message on DOMINION

On Pastor Adeboye message on DOMINION, he said, Dominion is an active word. it is a military word, meaning you need to activate it to happen. Quoting the Bible passage from Gen 1: 26 – 28, He said,

God Created human being to have dominion, You either activate it or be yoked. You either have dominion or you be under yoke

Daddy GO then broke down the message into four subtitle namely

  1. Physical dominion
  2. Financial dominion
  3. Spiritual dominion
  4. Comprehensive dominion

According to the pastor, people can attain the level of physical dominion when your shallow begin to heal the sick. He sited several examples from the Bible. Mark 1: 40 – 45, Mark 16: 17 -18

Speaking on the financial dominion, he said,

it is good to be rich, poverty is a destroyer

Quoting Bible from Gen 24: 34 -35, Pastor Adeboye said the blessing of Abrahim by God is an indication that it is good to be blessed.

Therefore, you attain the financial freedom when you become flourishing, you have financial dominion when you don’t need assistance from other before you do whatsoever you to want to do.

On the apart of spiritual dominion, people can attain the level of spiritual dominion when your handkerchief can heal the sick. he gave some examples from the bible and also from his own personal experience.

On comprehensive dominion, pastor said, dominion can be in selective base, you may have dominion in one area and be yoke in another. Quoting from 2 King 4: 8 – 17, Act 3: 1 – 8. However he said God want us to have comprehensive dominion and that God has provided it. 2 king 8:, 2 King 13: 14 – 24

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