Over 80 petrol stations shut down in Delta State

-With shortage of Petroleum product PMS, which has led to sudden rise in the product pump price across the nation.

Minister of Petroleum Dr.Ibe Kachukwu, in effort to continue with the normal pump price in filling stations has instructed total shutdown of fuel stations hoarding or selling out the product above the generally stated price of N145.

In achieving this feat the country’s Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) has embarked on a strict exercise of checking filling stations across the state, to discover those selling above the normal pump price. In the exercise several filling stations have been severally penalized with total shutdown or even disposing out the product freely to motorist on queue.  Last week it was reported that 8,000 litre of petrol was given out freely to motorist.

In recent event, over 80 petrol filling stations were reportedly shut down in Delta state for selling above the official price and hoarding.

The sealed up exercise was performed by Warri Zonal Office of DPR, more than 100 filling stations have been shut down throughout the country since fuel scarcity began in December, 2017.

The Warri Zonal Operations Controller,Mr Antai Asuquo said the 80 filing stations were sealed up at different location of the city.

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