Over 20 killed as herdsmen attack communities in Benue

20 killed as herdsmen attack communities in Benue -In Benue state it was reported that over 20 people were killed and over 30 others critically injured in north-central Benue state.

In a statement issued by the state government it says that Fulani herdsmen reportedly killed more than 20 people and 30 others were critically injured in the late Monday attack -the governor said on Tuesday.

20 killed as herdsmen attack communities in Benue

“We have reports that over 20 people have been killed in Goma and Logo local government areas,” Benue Governor Samuel Ortom told reporters on Tuesday in the state capital Makurdi. And added that 30 others are in intensive care at various hospitals in the state

He further revealed that nine of the attacked victims were livestock bilding securities employed to implement the state’s anti-open grazing law, which had pitted the government against herdsmen in the agrarian state known for herdsmen-farmers clashes.

Govenor Ortom blamed the violence on herdsmen, who he insisted were taking the “anti-open grazing law personal even when we have said that no ethnic group was being targeted”.

Moses Iyamu, the Benue police spokesman, confirmed the attack to Anadolu Agency by phone, saying: “While we are aware of the development, it is premature at the moment to say how many people were killed in the attacks…”

Herdsmen-farmers’ violence has become a serious security crisis in Nigeria, especially in the mainly agrarian north central or Middle Belt, with both sides often trading accusations.

Public Observers have blamed the crisis of the grazing on the government for their inability to implement a successful grazing system to address the incessant killings of the herdsmen across the cattle grazing region. And which has been causing the violent killings of resident of the communities.

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