Opera Mini Flashes 50 MB Free Data Everyday For Opera App Users

If you are using the MTN or Airtel network and you have the latest version Opera Mini and Opera News installed on your mobile phone, then this AWOOF is for you. You are all set to start browsing for free-up to 50mb every-day. This is AWOOF BREKETE!

Opera Mini is a fast and lightweight browser. It includes unique features that stand-out from other mobile browsers such as offline file sharing, ad blocker, and its popular data compression technology.

They have recently performed a data compression test to check out how much data you can save with Opera Mini comparison to other browsers. They did this by measuring the data consumption in the Opera Mini browser when visiting the twenty most popular websites in Nigeria under various network conditions.

The data compression test showed that Opera Mini is capable of reducing some web page sizes to the extent that you can save up to 90% of your mobile data. The tests also showed that Google Chrome’s data savings were only functioning on very slow Edge networks, and only provided an average savings of 9%. This means that when you use the data compression technology of Opera Mini in extreme mode, you will be able to browse nine times longer than with other browsers which don’t have data-saving capabilities.

UPGRADE OPERA MINI and OPERA NEWS to enjoy 50MB AWOOF of free data every day!

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