One Million Boys Reportedly Snatched Army Patrol Van In Lagos

One million boys reportedly collected army patrol van in Lagos. People are wondering how the boys paraded the street with van while the residents locked themselves inside.

The unrest created by the dreaded one million boys is getting out of hand. Their wing is growing Or how else can we explain the act of this hoodlums snatching an army van? The consequence obviously will be brutal.

According to the video posted on claimed to be shared by a surulere Residents. He reportedly shared the video with a caption that states ” If you’re in Surulere Lagos and wondering why You Saw A Military Chopper Moving Sround This Evening?

Well this is the reason, imagine these boys collected Soldier’s Van”.

The residents of surulere community in Lagos were left to look in amazement at the action of the hoodlums ,who in their hundreds appear very remorseful and deadly.

Chanting and jumping in excitement for the great feat achieved, snatching an army van! Really it is indeed a great feat,but could also be their death sentence.

Because the Nigeria army will ensure that the hoodlums are tracked and apprehended. So if they don’t end up losing their lives, they will definitely wish they had died when they get tortured.

They definitely have bitten more than they can chew by attacking the army,their end is at sight.

Still the federal government should stop this audio promises and give the people palliative to ease the living condition of Nigerian Citizens during this lockdown.


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