Olumba-Olumba Says He Is The Solution To COVID-19, Tells WHO To Stop Searching And Come To Him

Science is on its best trying to find the cure (vaccines) for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) but the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood of Cross and Star (BCS), Dr. Olumba-Olumba Obu (OOO) has told them to search no more as he’s got answers to the pandemic.

Olumba who said he had directed his followers to fast on Easter Monday and round it off with a feast of the fruits which he claimed “has atoned for the sins of the world which was responsible for the pandemic,” said citizens of the world should no longer live in fear as the pandemic would soon gradually subside.

The BCS leader spoke through a university don and the former Dean’s of Arts and Social Sciences at the Federal University, Lokoja, Prof David Irefin, who is an archbishop of his sect representing Kogi State.

He said the leader of the Brotherhood of Cross and Star, Dr. Olumba Olumba Obu is the solution to the Coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the world.

The university scholar while addressing newsmen in Lokoja on Wednesday said the world is going through this pains because it has refused to adhere to the warnings of the spiritual leader.

According to him, Olumba has instituted love as the constitution to govern all creation and it is the refusal of the nations of the world to key into this love that is responsible for this pandemic.

In his words, for the first time in human history, science has failed man, human families and nations of the world are living under uncertainties and there is currently no drug or vaccine to adequately cure this pandemic; some nations are even contemplating a lockdown that will take between 12– 18 months

“But I want to announce to you that in the midst of this uncertainties is the saviour of mankind, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu; unknown to the world, he is the saviour of the world who has come to rule with love and peace.

“He is love personified, he has instituted a government called Unified Universal Theocratic Government of Jehovah God and his Christ and he has instituted”.


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