Olamiadara Adedayo leaked sex video – said she enjoys having sex

Olamiadara Adebayo has come out openly to blast her critics about her sex video that was leaked online by her boyfriend. She has come out to tell those people sending her different messages not to judge her.

She wrote this on her instagram page: ( IG: olamiadara_adedayo )

Olamiadara Adedayo leaked sex video

We had s*x, then he leaked the video….Now people don’t want me to rest, WHO IS A VIRGIN ? WHO DOES NOT LIKE s*x ? Why are you guys sending me different messages as if s*x is a crime.I enjoy having s*x just like everyone of you and I won’t let this discourage me.
Olamiadara Adebayo sex video was uploaded online to popular P0*n site.
Watch the leaked video Here
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