NYSC finally confirmed Kemi Adeosun applied for Exemption certificate

NATIONAL Youth Service Corps, NYSC, has confirmed that the Minister of Finance Mrs Kemi Adeosun duly applied for NYSC exemption certificate. The Scheme, in a terse statement by its Director of Press and Public Relations, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi, said available records indicate that Mrs. Adeosun did apply for an Exemption Certificate.

The online news media Premium Times has accused Mrs Kemi Adeosun tendered fake NYSC exemption cerficate and the news has generated a heat argument among Nigeria. Some people have even said that the Kemi Adeosun should resign as Finance Minister including the leading opposition party PDP.

Kemi Adeosun applied for Exemption certificate

Looking deep into the matter, mystatenews.com searched into the matter and found out whether the media was bribed by some people as exemption certificate can applied for and obtained free of charge.

The National Youth Service Corps has thrown light on the matter and confirmed that Kemi Adeosun applied for Exemption certificate

The commission said,

The statement reads: “Our attention has been drawn to the issue of the alleged forgery of an NYSC Exemption Certificate by the Honorable Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun.

“Checking our records, Mrs. Adeosun did apply for an Exemption Certificate.”
Adeyemi further said that an investigation will be launched to ascertain the origin of the Exemption Certificate in question.

“We shall investigate the origin of the purported Exemption Certificate in question,”


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