Npower Registration: This Is How To Fill Your Form Correctly If You Really Want To Be Selected (Video)

You need to follow specific guidelines and meet up the requirements before you start your application. There are many tutorials out there that show people how to apply without knowing the modality of the selecting process.


Whether you will stand a chance of being selected depend solely on the way you fill in your application. I got into the programme in 2016 and I can tell you that I know all the method Npower uses for selecting their beneficiaries. So let me tell you what you need to do before you start your application.

Things You Must Do Before You Start Your Npower Application

Npower is never a first-come, first-serve application portal. It is not about rushing to the portal to apply but it is about whether you apply correctly with verifiable information.

Age: Age is the most important consideration for selecting the beneficiary. Npower pegs the age from 18 – 35. This is where the problem comes, if you are above 35 can you apply? No. Unless you do something about your age and back it with a valid document. For my experience, Npower mostly considers age below 30 years. So make sure you can defend your age with a verifiable document.

BVN: If you don’t have a BVN you don’t have any business applying for Npower. Now it is not about you having BVN but your BVN must be linked correctly to your bank account. If your BVN is not linked correctly you may run into a problem even though you were selected.

Education Certificate: You make sure you fill in your education qualification correctly and get hard copy ready before you start your application. You are going to upload it into the portal with your CV.

Watch the Video Below:

NPower Registration 2020: How to Apply

Step 1. Firstly, visit the official NPower registration portal homepage using: Alternatively, visit the application portal using:

Step 2. Select the category you wish to apply for. The options are N-power Knowledge, N-power Volunteer corps and N-power build. Afterwards, you’ll be provided with other options to choose from.

Step 3. After choosing the option you wish to apply for, the “Apply Now” link would be made available. Just go ahead and click on it.

Step 4. Fill in the blank forms you’re provided with; but before then, you’d be provided with several instructions. Make sure you read those instructions before filling the forms. Also, you’ll need to provide a few documents — which include passport, CV, degree qualification certificate, and others.

Step 5. Finally, after successfully filling the forms you’re provided with, click on the submit button. Thereafter, you’ll be provided with your “NPower Registration Number”. It is with that number you’ll be able to log in for aptitude test, follow up on your recruitment status.


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