North ’ll only vote for a Northern candidate in 2023 – Ag ACF chairman makes shocking revelation

Alhaji Musa Liman Kwande, the Acting Chairman of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has made shocking revelation concerning the 2023 presidential election, he revealed that only a single candidate of the northern extraction will vote for in 2023 presidential candidate irrespective of a political party.

Kwande who told journalists in Lafia, Nasarawa state that Northern Nigerians said:

“I am expressing my opinion as a full-pledged Northerner and a citizen of Nigeria and not that of ACF. Nigeria is our country, we must unite and develop it despite differences in geographical locations.

“We should not relent in the pursuit of growth and development as we are blessed with gifted people and many resources, as only Nigerians would develop the country to greater heights.”

Kwande declared. He added also that the ACF and Northern Elders Forum (NEF) are all pressure groups striving for the development of northern Nigeria in particular and Nigeria in general, just like Afenifere, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and others in the South-South region.

Alhaji Kwande, who is the Baraden-generalissimo of Lafia, however, admonished northerners to develop the region by voting for people who are pro-development and not those who are self-centred.

The acting ACF chairman, however, called on Nigerians to embrace peace and dialogue and denounce violence, saying it is against democratic norms and a treat to the federation. He called on politicians to accept election results and be statesmen, noting that the youths should avoid being used as political thugs


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