Nollywood Actor Prince Femi Oyewumi Dies At 51

Nollywood actor, prince Femi dead. Those who watched him in the epics like Aye toto; Koto Orun; Ija eleye and so on won’t find it hard to remember a character called Laditi  and his brilliant roles in the film industry, (Nollywood)

Laditi whose real name is Prince Femi Oyewumi , a prince of Soun of Ogbomoso is dead

He died in the early hours of today at the age of 51

The late prince was said to have been suffering from a chronic back pain for some months now and he was rushed to an hospital when his condition worsen last night

Ajoke kosemani ,  one of the nollywood actress who was among his earlier callers his ogbomoso home said his demise is a great loss to movie industry in Nigeria

Femi Oyewumi is an actor and a producer who is a specialist in stage play , epic and historic film started his carrier in the 80’s

His last work is Ogunojalu Ogbomoso


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