#NoBraDay: Nigerians Join The Rest Of World To celebrate No Bra Day (Photos)

The hashtag #NoBraDay is trending across the social media today been October 13th. it is a day set aside to celebrate No bra Day over the world.  Nigerians have joined the rest of the world also to Mark the special day of World No Bra Day.

Checking out modes of social media like Twitter Instagram and Facebook you will notice the posts from most ladies and women posting body pictures without bra a lot of ladies go braless to celebrate today world No Bra Day the essence of world No Bra Day is to sensitize against the dangers of cancer in our society.

My state news TV checks out the photos from Instagram where a lot of ladies go braless this is to create awareness about the dangers of cancer in our society.

One of the problems faced by most women in our Society is breast cancer so October 13th is set aside to remember the victims and to create awareness about breast cancer.

This should not serve as an opportunity for ladies to promote nudity and seductive image on social media.

So let us check some of the images from today No Bra Day.


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