No Man Has Ever Proposed To Me – 35-years Nigerian Lady Cries Out

A Lady simply introduced herself as a Juliet ( Not her real name) has revealed that she is dying slowly, at 35 years no man has ever approached her not to talk of dating her

Juliet disclosed to mystatenews that she graduated from the University 7 years ago, I began to get worried when I was in school, I was never attracted to any guy I thought maybe because I was committed in my Christian life.

I never bothered about this because I never have time for any relationship. I always keep to myself, after all, I don’t need any man to detract me from my study.

It was down to me when I graduated from the University and went for NYSC, that was when I began to feel that it becoming strange that I am not attracted to any man and no man has ever asked me out.

Although I have some guys who are my friends no man has ever talked to me for relationship.

I finished my NYSE, my parents are expected me to bring my fiancée home for at least an introduction. I will give one excuse or the other but deep inside me I know I have a big problem. I don’t know how to open up to my parents and I am dying silently.

Many of my friends have married and settled with their children. I don’t know why my own is different. My pastor had prayed with me several time about this but it seems that there is no result whoever.


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