Nnamdi Kanu Set to Visit Israel Prime Minister To Consolidate Biafra Alliance

The leader of  Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is Set to visit Isreal to consolidate support for Biafra.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed to Biafra Link News that efforts are in top gear to ensure the alliance between Isreal and Biafra remains cordial until Biafra is achieved.

“I will support your agitation for an independent Biafran State until it is achieved” he promised.

This is necessary in order to decide how a new government of the people and for the people is formed to ensure a free country is installed to promote free trade between the two great countries.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Biafra is not a country where anyone can come in and mess it up but will be a country where the rule of law will be the order of the day” for all citizens.


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