Nnamdi Kanu Releases Shocking Evidence About Buhari’s Plan To ‘Fulanize’ Nigeria

The Indigenous People of Biafra Leader, IPOB, Chief Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has just disclosed a new claim against President Buhari government to implement a Fulanisation agenda in Nigeria.

Kanu has carved out new against Buhari administration and plans to Fulanize Nigeria in the newly introduced international passport.

Based on his report, his new discovery has shown the confirmation that the federal government under Buhari is planning to Fulanize Nigeria.

Baring his mind via his official Twitter account on Thursday, Kanu asked: “And now that you have terror herdsmen & their cows on your new International Passport, do you still have any doubt? Every nation has pantheons. Is the fourth most deadly terror group in the world among the pantheons of Nigeria? Why proudly celebrate terrorism?”

See what Kanu Tweeted on Thursday:


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