Nnamdi Kanu gives last order to IPOB fires back in defense

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu has given last to IPOB to fire back in order to defend themselves. Nnamdi KANU who reacted to the recent Nigerian Army invasion of his hometown. He said Nigerian military came with their armoured personnel started firing at IPOB member.

Nnamdi Kanu gives last order to IPOB fires back in defense

In a self-defense, Nnamdi KANU has given order to IPOB not to relent and fire back in self-defense. Nnamdi Kanu also accused the Nigerian army of provoking members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to wage war with the government so that the group can be tagged violent.

This whole incident happened right here (pointing), they drove from that way with their blaring sirens that woke me up from my siesta and they went that way to that junction and they reversed. The armoured car reversed and came back here wanted to come in and my men stopped them here (he continued pointing at the spot).

And they started firing at people with live ammunition, right here at this very spot; at the window of my bedroom to the gate of my father’s compound,” Kanu told journalists. Kanu told journalists that the military men came with their armoured personnel carrier and started firing indiscriminately at people who protested against their presence. The IPOB leader said he saw two people bleeding profusely and that he was told that there were casualties.

He said several people received gunshot wounds while three died in the attack. Kanu said the military was provoking IPOB to become armed and that it was the duty of the media to make the world understand that. Nnamdi Kanu gives last order to IPOB fires back in defense

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