Nigerians delight as France beats Argentina 4 – 3 [see the hilarious comments]

Nigerians delight as France beats Argentina 4 – 3: France has defeated Argentina by 4 goals to 3 in a highly contested knock out match. Nigerians are watching with a delighting mind as a pay back of what the Argentine did for them in the last group match. Nigerians have took to Twitter using the official hashtag #FRAARG to react hilariously to outcome of the match France 4 – 3 Argentina.

The match France vs Argentina has never disappointed the viewers, the excitement, the skills, the speed and off course the goals all lead to expectations.

It all started with Mbappe which Nigerians referred to as an African boy running through the Argentina from his defense line down to the Argentina defense that caused the first goal. Rojo brings down Mbappe in the box! What a run from Mbappe – he starts about 30 yards from his own goal and absolutely vapourises the Argentina defenders. Rojo did it against Nigeria when he handed ball in the penalty box he got away with it. Griezmann strokes the penalty to Armani’s right, with the keeper diving the other way. it was France 1 – 0 Argentina.

It was the beginning of the trouble for the Argentine. A power strikes from Di Maria! however rescued the game in the first half and Argentina leveled France 1 – 1 Argentina.

The second half began with the same commitment, the same push and the same effort to put ball into the opponent post. It was the Argentina that first strike in the second half Di Mari’s free-kick is only cleared to Messi, whose shot is volleyed home by Mercado and the ball defected into the net. France 1 – 2 Argentina.

In the 53 minutes of the match Pavard strides onto the ball and cuts across it beautifully into the far corner. France equalised it was France 2 – 2 Argentina.

France are back in front! And it’s the best player on the pitch Kylian Mbappe. The youngster seizes on Hernandez’s cross that squirms loose in the box, dummies past a defender and gets in a shot left-footed that squeezes under Armani report by the France leads Argentina by 3 – 2.

Argentina however facing their bitter humiliation when Mbappe added another goal. Then Argentina was down by 2 goals. France 4 – 2 Argentina. This time Nigerians have started jubilation as Argentina is leading to a heavy defeat. The hilarious comments from the twitter caught my attention indeed Nigerians delight as France beats Argentina 4 – 3.

Few minutes from the end of the match, little drama happened when Messi lofts over a superb cross and Aguero heads in. it is goal France 4 – 3 Argentina.

Comparing two players in the match both wear the no 10 jersey, the outgoing superstar and the oncoming superstar Messi and Mbappe. Mbappe out performed Messi in every stats you can take from the match. Mbappe was so impressive in the match and he deserves some accolades.

Now back to Nigerians fans at home. Scanning through the twitter i got so many hilarious comments from Nigeria. It is real fact that Nigerians delight as France beats Argentina 4 – 3.

Nigerians delight as France beats Argentina 4 - 3
Nigerians delight as France beats Argentina 4 – 3

Check the comments below:

#FRAARG how #Nigerians are watching this game ?

— Maina Ibrahim (@ibrama_maina) June 30, 2018



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