Meet Nigerian Professor Who Claimed To Have Discovered Cure For COVID-19

Prof. Joseph Akpa, the Provost of Luminar International College of Alternative Medicine, Enugu,  says he has found a cure for coronavirus plague.

Prof. Akpa made the claim to the media in a press conference held at Enugu on Wednesday.

According to the prof, he said he had already made energy health medicines which are meant to boost the human immune system and others meant to directly attack the virus to ensure 100 per cent successful cure.

However, he challenged the health organisation institution to bring any patient for trial.

He said at the press conference saying  “I will challenge any health organisation institution or agency to bring any known case of COVID-19 to me and see how it will disappear within a few days.

“If the Permanent Secretary of Enugu State Ministry of Health or the State Government approaches me to cure any of the known cases of COVID-19 in the state I will be more than pleased to do so without attaching any condition.

“I thank God for using me to find the cure to a disease that is already threatening to wipe out the whole earth,” he said.

And making his final speech saying Nigerians please make sure you make use of your nose masks and hand sanitizers in other to limit the spread of the deadly virus.

May God helps us as we abide by the health rule that is being passed to us, and most importantly please stay at HOME.

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