Nigerian guys react as Roman Goddess flaunts her gigantic boobs [Photo]

Nigerian socialite Roman Goddess was under attack by some Nigerians guys with her constant uploading of uncensored photos on the social media.

Well people say too much of everything is bad. But Roman Goddess will care not of what people are saying about her lifestyle.

Her recent photos has received both admiration and criticism online. She knows how to flaunt her gigantic boobs to attract attentions on her Instagram page.


Some people have said that he did boobs surgery but she has denied that in many occasions. According to her she has a natural boobs.

Roman Goddess

Indeed Roman goddess is endowed with gigantic boobs. She also knows how to use it for her own advantage cracking down the social media and bring home lots of fans.

Some Nigerians guys are now finding it irritating as she littered the social social with her uncensored boobs photos. Some of them even called her a prostitute.

Recently she told her fans that Scammers using my big boobs to scam people. She said her boobs is bigger than that of Cossy.

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