Nigerian broadcaster, Patrick Doyle reconciles with Nollywood Actress, Ireti

Nigerian Celebrity Couple, Patrick and Ireti Doyle and Nollywood Actress Ireti have reconciled and are officially back together.

The broadcaster made this known on Monday via an emotional note he shared on his Instagram [email protected]#Patrick Doyle on Monday promising to make up for all his mistakes.

“I have been more undeserving of the affection of this uncommon woman.

“Have I taken her love for granted, you bet I have why? Because like most men,I am prone to being a jerk.

”I cannot count how many times she has had to pick up the slack when I failed in my duties as a husband and father.

‘She has a great sense of responsibility, the rock of our family.

“Without a doubt, she’s the most generous woman I know, a dependable friend, a loyal ally and the most loving and sensual woman ever” he wrote.

Patrick wrote that he had been less than worthy of her affection lately and was deservedly put in the proverbial ‘dog house”

“As usual, she has with compassion released me from the dog house and reinstate me as Master of their home” he explained.

He also added that his angel has proven that a good woman, can by her conduct convert an unbelieving husband.

“Her love and affection over the years can never go unrewarded

I am now a truly born again husband.

“I now publicly proclaim that I am married to the best woman Alive.

“I Know that God truly loves me for sending me the angel of my life” he wrote.

Monday, Dec, 21, will make it 15 years since this classy lady said ‘I do to me in the presence of God and man.

The last 15 years have been anything but smooth, true the ride had been bumpy with my angel bearing the brunt of the rough times but by the grace of God, those days are over in Jesus name

He has promised there would be no other Cock up and that he would also reward her labour of love.

A year ago, News of their alleged break up was trendy on social media.

However, it was revealed that Patrick Doyle’s attempts to save his marriage to Ireti kept failing.

NAN recalls that the broadcaster tactically withdrawn from the limelight in the last couple of years, trying to make his marriage work.

Meanwhile, Ireti has been more focused on her career and has reportedly moved on from the 15 year old marriage.

The veteran entertainer, Patrick, had said they met on the set of a movie he was producing and after he lost his wife, Ireti made her shoulders available for him to cry and lean on



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