Nigeria is well secured – IG Idris tells Buhari

– President Buhari in reaction to the killings in Benue state has invited on Ibrahim Idris, Inspector General of Police force to Aso Rock Abuja. The president expressed his utter bitterness regarding the attack that led to the death of over 20 people in Benue state.

Mr Idris, however, stated that more officers have been deployed to support the efforts of state police in the region.It was learnt that the meeting was held under closed door.

After the meeting when asked if he believes there is breakdown of law and order in different parts of the country, Idris replied saying he thinks “Nigeria is well secured.”

He said: ”You know any time we meet president, you know the area of discussion is how to have effective security of the nation. ”You know I deployed my DIG there yesterday and you know we have different stages of police, you have the AIG in Benue, commissioner of police in Benue and all of them are putting their heads together to see how we address this issue of community problems in Benue. Obviously I think Nigeria is well secured you have to be frank with us. ”Like I said, you know we have different levels of police in this country. We have the commissioner of police in Benue, the AIG of police in Benue, and yesterday I deployed my DIG operations there and definitely we are doing all we can to see we maintain law and order in all parts of the country. ”Let’s use the example of Benue, you know most of these states where you have several languages, you know is an issue of communal misunderstanding. I think what we should be praying for is for Nigerians to learn to live in peace with each other, I think is very important. ”Of course every time we meet with the president he gives a charge. He said that we should go and take care and ensure that we tighten our security.

”There are so many measures. For instance in Benue we are going to deploy more units to support the efforts the police is making in the state to ensure we have adequate protection to the men and communities and members. ”Of course we are assuring that this will not repeat itself. We cannot be overwhelmed. Obviously it is communal crisis; herdsmen are part of the community. Anyway I don’t need to send anybody but whenever you commit an offense it is our duty to ensure that we respond.” He said he had assured governor Sam Ortom that measures would be put in place to improve the security situation in Benue state. The police chief also declared that there is no cause for alarm and the country was secured.

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