Nigeria Discharged Italian who brought coronavirus to Nigeria

The Italian who brought coronavirus to Nigeria has been successfully treated and discharged. The news is coming from the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu via his Twitter handle.

The Italian gave the first case of coronavirus to Nigeria when he came from Milan to Nigeria. He went straight to Ogun State where he fell sick and was rushed to Yaba Isolation centre where he was receiving treatment. His contact was however traced and one Nigerian who had contact with him was tested positive to the virus, treated and discharged.

Mystatenews monitors the tweets of the Governor of Lagos state on Twitter where he shared the information about the discharged of Coronavirus index case in Nigeria.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu wrote on his Twitter handle that:

“As the COVID-19 Incident Commander for Lagos State, I am glad to inform you that the index case the Italian gentleman is now negative.

“Through a combined effort of Lagos State, Ogun State and Federal Health Authorities, we were able to limit the transmission of the virus to a single contact.

“This involved aggressive contact tracing and containment strategies. However, we now have several new imported cases and we hope we can apply the same contact tracing strategy along with social distancing to slow down the outbreak which may be brewing from these new cases.

“The index patient consented to donate one unit of white blood (otherwise called plasma) before he was discharged today. The blood plasma is rich in antibody proteins that target the #COVID19 virus.

“The white blood plasma is frozen in our Bio-bank and will be useful in handling new cases.

“The blood plasma will be beneficial for the treatment of new patients in the absence of a defined therapeutic drug for #COVID19 yet.

“The index patient appreciated the exceptional care and support given to him by the staff of the mainland Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba, all members of the EOC / @followlasg.

“The EOC team was extremely happy to bid the patient farewell.

“Once again, we like to convey the enthusiasm of our team to do the very best possible in handling incidents of Coronavirus,”





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