Niger Assembly impeaches majority leader, deputy

Niger Assembly reprimands larger part pioneer, delegate


Niger State House of Assembly

The Niger State House of Assembly has indicted its greater part pioneer, Suleiman Nasko, and his appointee, Andrew Jagaba.

This followed the appropriation of a movement by Ndagi Baba, speaking to Lavun Constituency and supported by Saidu Tama, speaking to Edati Constituency during Thursday’s whole.

Talking on the movement, Baba said the legislators had seen that the lion’s share and agent larger part pioneers were answerable for the sluggish development of exercises in the House, including that the House under their administration was not advancing.

Be that as it may, the Speaker, Abdullahi Wuse, said he was not told of the choice to reprimand them which was in opposition to the Standing Order of the House.

Mohammed Haruna, speaking to Bida II Constituency, in any case, moved that the request read by the speaker be suspended and was approved by Malik Madaki, speaking to Bosso Constituency.

In the mean time, Yabagi Akote, speaking to Gbako Constituency, designated Abba Bala, as the new larger part pioneer and was favored by Suleiman Gambo, speaking to Paikoro Constituency.

Bashir Lokogoma, designated Binta Mamman, speaking to Gurara Constituency, as the new representative larger part and was favored by Malik Madaki, speaking to Bosso Constituency.


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