New iPhones 2018, iPhone XS , iPhone X plus: what you should expect.this year!

Apple is set to release the new iPhones,iPhone Xs,iPhone Xs plus and iPhone with launching on September 12. These are all we know right now.

New iPhones 2018
New iPhones 2018

We have got new iPhones 2018 for you. Recently, we witnessed the emergence of iPhone X (pronounce iPhone 10) an ultra modern design with unlimited emojis and everything you ever desired. Now we are set to receive the 2018 updates, features,p prices, elease date and so much more of the iPhone Xs,iPhone Xs plus and iPhone 9.

Summary: All about the new iPhones 2018

  •  A leaked email suggests the new iPhone will be distributed on September 21, a week and a half after the scheduled 12th September launch.
  • Meet the iPhone Xc. This iPhone may be a 6.1 inch LCD phone.
  • The iPhone 9 may be set at almost $50 more than the iPhone 8.

A lot of rumors we have heard suggest that Apple will put a lot of efforts into this full release. We are in September and a lot of these rumors are becoming reality. First, email reports saying shipping will be September 21.Within the frame of last year’s scenario.

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Concerning the name of this smartphones, there is just too much to ponder. First, we do not know if the previous iPhone X was just used as a way to mark the 10th Anniversary. Naturally, we have seen many potential names.

First, put up names such as iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs max and iPhone Xc. These list of names seems to follow the sequence we saw with iPhone 8(iPhone 8,iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X in 2017).

KGI securities analyst, Ming Shi Kuo was one of the first to suggest that Apple will release three new models namely iPhone X, iPhone X plus and iPhone 9.

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One of those models is believed to be a 5.8-inch model. Another 6.1 inches and the third model over 6.5-inches.

Bloomberg states that the 6.5-inch model will be a plus version of the iPhone X while the 6.1 version would be an LCD screen and cost very less. Amit Daryanani states that the LCD phone will be called iPhone 9. While the others are iPhone Xs, and Xs plus.

Features we should expect with Apple’s new iPhones


If all the analysts have said the right things, then this is what we should expect with the new iPhones.

Better Battery Life

According to Cult of Mac, the A12 chipset will use a 7-nanometer process and this may be coming with the upcoming iPhones. What this means is that the new iPhones 2018 may use less energy than the 10nm, Al Bionic processor (which was ever 30 percent faster). Some rumors state that the new iPhones will have larger battery estimates between 2,600mah and 3,000 mah.

Also, Apple is expected to package USB Type C- faster chargers with its upcoming new iPhones 2018. It is possible we may also have faster-charging iPhones with even less battery life.


The new Apple iPhones 2018 is expected to carry the same design concept as the iPhone X. Thereby ditching the old Apple iPhone designs of the past. This was confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo. However, this seems controversial since one of the models will be LCD and not an OLED screen.

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eSim Support

A new technology is about hit all corners. It is expected that physical SIM cards will be replaced by eSim. An eSim means an internal device that will be programmed over air allowing customers to switch network at will. A report by Barron states Apple is working with STMicro, a company with the eSim initiative in mind.

Already STMicro supplies Apple Watch with eSim components. So it is not quite far-fetched to expect it with Apples new iPhones 2018. However, Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2L already use this technology.

According to 9to5Mac, the IOS 12 beta seems to contain evidence that at least one new iPhone will support 2 SIM cards. There are another confirmation by a tease graphic posted by China Mobile that supports this theory.

Powerful Processor

There is a new contract gotten by Taiwan Semiconductor which is a longtime Apple supplier that Apple will build a chip called A12. Which will give more power than the A11 chip you find in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 line.

The production is already underway and will account for more flexibility and productivity. In terms of performance, a leaked report showed that the new chip will also perform better than the Snapdragon processor used in Android phones, as it is packed to give twice power the RAM.

Superb LTE Connectivity

The new Apple iPhones 2018 will take advantage of improved LTE chips ,t his has already been confirmed by Apple. According to Mac rumors,t his means more and fast connectivity over all wireless networks but we do not know how fast yet.

Augmented Reality

Apple has already made it clear that its new iPhones 2018 will support augmented reality especial with the included AR kit 2.0 which will come with the IOS 12.

New Colours

According to Ming Chi Kuo,t he 6.5 and 5.8 inch iPhones maybe available in more colours such as grey, white, blue, red and orange. This rumor was also confirmed in the 6th of September as a leak shows that the iPhone 9 will be in red, white and blue.

A fast Charging accessory

The current iPhones do not actually carry fast chargers. You must buy it separately. According to Apple, there are plans to bring in 18W charger which is a faster charging accessory with the new iPhones 2018, set to be released.

More IOS 12

Last year we saw that IOS 12 beta confirmed awesome features such as the Face ID and iPhone X’s display. This year IOS 12 beta gives a clue of more customizing features. We are in to be awed by a magnificent landscape views. Which will be in the iPhone X plus with its intense colours.


Naturally, phones are getting incredibly expensive but not with the new iPhones 2018 anyway. It is expected that iPhone X plus will be the same price as the iPhone X and the 5.8 inch model will be a bit lesser than the current iPhone X. Key Blanc Capital Markets and Analyst Ming Chi Kuo expects that the price tag for the iPhone 9 will be between that of the iPhone 8 models.


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