Naira Marley advice only giveaway can make Nigerians happy

The well-know hottest African musician Naira Marley is back again causing controversy on the social media platform,by giving advice to the government that it is only Give aways that would make the people of the country happy during this stay home season.

Social media is a medium of expression for many people as they take to it to share their interesting opinions which people can react to.

It is no longer strange for Nigerian celebs to go on social media to share some of their thoughts and to also get feedback from others because of their large fan base.

The controversial Nigerian hottest musician, Azeez Fashola, aka Naira Marley, said on his official Twitter account saying what would make the people of Nigeria happy is only if they are giving “GIVEAWAYS”.

The music star was recently in the news after he tweeted on Twitter that he does not believe in the coronavirus pandemic.

The majestic crooner post on Twitter to tell fans to retweet his post if they do not believe in the outbreak, thereby making people feel relaxed and not see it as a dangerous threat to there life.

Naira Marley’s post gained thousands of retweets from people who do not believe in the existence of the coronavirus and this led to other Nigerians blasting him on his microblogging site.

The rapper also made a follow-up video where he rains abusive words on his detractors and said that “You cannot make him believe in what he doesn’t believe in”.

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