N-power programme shaping Nigeria education system

Npower programme is the part of social intervention programs of the present administration. it is similar to the previous daministration youwin programme unlike youwin programme of last N-power selection process is fare and just. The programme is a huge success as the impact is felt in every stages of Nigeria education system. Indeed N-power programme is shaping Nigeria education system.

Federal government introduced the N-power programme to reduce the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. N-Power addresses the challenge of youth unemployment by providing a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy. The N-Power Volunteer Corp involves a massive deployment of 500,000 trained graduates who will assist to improve the inadequacies in our public services in education, health and civic education.

N-power programme shaping Nigeria education system

The N-power programme kick off in December 2016 with about 200,000 beneficiaries with most of them are deployed to education sector mainly primary and junior secondary school. The programme is beginning to yield better fruit.

A visit to many primary schools in Lagos State suggested that the N-power programme is shaping the education system in Lagos State and across Nigeria. Some pupils we interviewed confessed that their new teachers taught them well. Public school pupils can now speak simple and correct English. N-power beneficiaries are digitals that help in shaping the brain of pupils in public school. Before N-power many of our teachers in Nigeria primary school are old and analog in system. Many of them cannot use computer. Thanks to N-power Nigeria elementary schools pupils have improved dramatically.

N-power programme

N-power deployed to schools are just to assist but their impacts cannot be overemphasised. They have used their youthful energy to drag changes to Nigeria educational system. To my surprise some of the teacher I mean non N-power teacher cannot express their mind in English just for 10 minutes. N-power should be retained and the old and outdated teachers should be flushed out in our school.

N-power programme

N-power programme selection process

The process of selecting beneficiaries is great. All applications is received online. The process is base on merit. You don’t need to know anybody before you can be selected this is only time the Federal government of Nigeria runs any programmes accurately. All you need to do go Npower online portal fill in your correct details the wait for your name to come out. You don’t bribe anybody for your name to come out.

N-power programme assessment test

Another huge success of N-power programme is the way the assessment test is done. The test is done online at the comfort of your home if you internet access. It is also be done with your mobile devices. The questions are accurately programmed with 3 login access. The interface is world standards that interact with the users. The stress of going to physical examination centre to write assessment test is not there as normally done in Nigeria.

N-power programme payment of beneficiaries’ stipends

Although the payments of beneficiaries is little bit delay but when it fully kicked off we never hear anything about unpaid stipend. The stipends arrives every last day of the Month. N-power programme started paying some beneficiaries from some states from December 2016  N30,000. Lagos state beneficiaries started receiving their stipend at from February 2017.

N-power programme device selection and collection

The best module of N-power programme is Npower device. All the beneficiaries are given the opportunity to select the device of your chioce. The selection process is done online. The collection process is in batches, batch A and B beneficiaries have collected. The Lagos beneficiaries collect theirs in MTN office across the state. MTN wins the contract of distribution the device. The device is loaded with textbook. teaching aid, workbook and several training video to help beneficiaries deliver better teaching.

N-power beneficiaries in Nigeria primary schools.

The beneficiaries in Nigeria primary school especially in Lagos state shaping the pupils’ knownledge. The school we visited in Lagos State. we observed the pupils have improved dramatically in the areas of Mathematics, technology and basic sciences which handle by Npower staff. The public school in Lagos is closing to the private school in term of use of English. if you don’t like your child to go to public school you can begin to have change of mind.

N-power programme is indeed shaping the Nigeria education system. If the programme can work in Nigeria there is hope that every other programme can work if they are handle by the right people.

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