My Mom and I ate Favour Daley’s heart – Owolabi Adeeko Makes A Shocking Confession

Owolabi Adeeko who was the boyfriend of murder 22-yeal-old Favour Daley-Oladele, final year Theatre Arts Student of LASU has narrated all his deeds to the Police interrogators in Ogun state.

In a shocking confessional statement narrated to the Police, Owolabi confessed that the girl’s throat was slit like a goat by his accomplice pastor, Segun Philip and how Favour’s body trunk was opened up, to remove the heart, which was cooked for him and his mother to eat, as part of a money-making ritual.

The full details of Owolabi Adeeko confessional statement is given below:

“On getting to the church, the self acclaimed pastor was promptly arrested but he was quick to inform the detectives that the girl was brought to him by her boyfriend, Adeeko Owolabi, who was still within the vicinity of the church. The said boyfriend was traced and apprehended immediately”.

“He confessed to the police that the deceased was his girlfriend and that he lured her to Ikoyi-Ile where he has perfected plans with the so-called pastor Segun Philip to use her for money making ritual.”

“He stated further that while the girl was sleeping, the pastor gave him a pestle with which he used to smash the head of the girl and the pastor quickly used a knife to cut off her neck, ripped open her chest and removed her heart which he used in preparing a concoction for him and his mother to eat.”

“When asked what pushed him to such devilish act, Owolabi explained that he decided to go into money ritual because things are not going well with his parents economically most especially his mother who used to be the breadwinner of the family; and when he sought for assistance from the pastor, he was asked to bring a human being for that purpose and the available person at that time was his girlfriend”.


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