My Life Was Almost Claimed By COVID-19

The popularly know juju singer Jumabee took to his official micro-blogging platform to recount how the deadly coronavirus almost took his life in the past few weeks. After testing positive for COVID-19 in the United Kingdom.

The juju singer and music rapper, who has now recovered from this deadly illness, shared his testimony via the micro-blogging platform with words tweeting-“This would be my EASTER TESTIMONY ” Further more for Jesus Christ has risen therefore I am risen”

This was how I won the battle against the deadly coronavirus.

I am sharing my story for the first time and to testify to the goodness of God and also to lend my voice to the numerous ongoing covid-19 campaigns and patients.

In about 2 weeks ago I had a high fever, severe headache and body pains, I thought it was malaria.

Being that I had just arrived back in Nigeria so I started treating malaria for almost a week and there was no change in my health and on the forth day my health got worse, I lost my appetite and became am very weak.

I couldn’t even sit up let alone stand or walk.

At this point I was thinking and hoping that this should not turn out to be the dealy COVID-19 virus.

Understanding that the UK was a high burden zone, but as I wasn’t coughing at the time, I tried to convince myself it was probably a bacterial infection so I started taking antibiotics.

Along with paracetamol and a lot of water but still no improvement then I certainly knew I needed a medical help.

We called the ambulance consistently for 3 days but there was no response and even the times they responded, they said they were very busy and could not come.

On the third day, they finally showed up, but at this moment, I was already battling for my life, I could no longer breathe properly, I was gasping for breath.

Just before the doctors arrived that day I collapsed, I was literally gone. My friends had to perform CPR on me to resuscitate me that faithful day.

When the paramedics finally came, they confirmed it was covid 19 but that they couldn’t take me to the hospital because all the hospitals were filled up and the NHS was overly overwhelmed, they said even if they took me to the hospital, I would most likely get worse because of the conditions there so they recommended I stayed at home and fight for my life.

I was been isolated at home and was being treated in my very own house and thanks to GOD almighty who has said I would not die of this covid-19 virus.

So I started responding to treatment and finally I tested negative for the first time the doctor that was taking care of me said I have to test negative twice before I could be assured that I am free of the coronavirus infection.

My second test also came out I am very grateful to God for guiding me during the battle for my life against coronavirus.

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