My Husband Just Have Big Manhood But He Can’t Last A Minute In Bed – Woman File For Divorce

A Zimbabwean man became the cause of laughter in a courtroom as his wife tried to convince the judge to grant her a divorce on the grounds of s£xual frustration.

According to Sinqobile Sibanda, 29, her husband is the owner of a gargantuan male organ yet he’s very lazy and doesn’t perform in bed, leaving her frustrated.

According to reports, Sibanda said she was being abused by her husband physically, aside from his ineptitude in bed.

“Your worship, this man has s£xually abused me for a long time. He has a big p*nis where one would assume it works to expectations but akulalutho (it’s useless). He is lazy and does one round and a short one for that matter then he sleeps,” she said.

The man admitted to sometimes abusing his wife, which he attributed to his stressful job.
“I have been an abusive man but I blame that on my job which is strenuous and physically demanding. I promise this court that I will refrain from being abusive and try to be a good husband,” he said.
According to iHarare, the judge did not grant the divorce but ruled the man desist from abusing his wife and granted her a protection order.


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