My husband doesn’t cheat – Stephanie Coker

Stephanie Coker has finally spoken out on the trending issue about the infelity levelled against her Husband, Olumide Aderinokun. well she has come out to say her husband does not cheap.  Stephanie Coker also advice the people dehind the rumour to desist from spreading the rumours.

Recall that the leaked DM revealed that Stephanie’s husband had made a secret hookup with the sidechic, Yolanda Ayemo Nifise, a student of Bells University, Ogun State. Yolanda, is said to have already left school for the hookup.

Stephanie Coker
Stephanie Coker

However, the embattled businessman and realtor took to Insta-stories this morning to deny reports that he cheated on Coker.

Stephanie Coker has come out to say that infelity levelled against her husband is untrue that her husband doesn’t cheat.

Olumide Aderinokun has not come out of trouble’s water, weeks ago, he was arrested for fraud and the news still trending on social media now he is accused of cheating on his wife.

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