Music Brings Love Home To Victor

When it comes to love, sometimes, you have to work hard to prove its worth, and that is exactly what Victor Ogbowu did to win back Jane in the latest episode of Africa Magic’s Love Come Back.

love come back

Victor is a music producer from Port Harcourt who was trying to get back his lover. They got estranged when he started feeling insecure about her best friend, James who was always around her. Because Victor was always away for long periods of time because of his job, Jane relied on James for a lot of things, even when it came to decision making. And this is what led to the rift between them.

But Victor wants their old love back, so he came to Ibrahim Sulieman and the Love Come Back team to help him mend the relationship.

Jane Itodo is a fashion model, who attends the University of Lagos. Her first journey into modelling was for a local designer who saw her enthusiasm for pictures and asked her to model her new clothing collection.

Jane was led to believe she came for a photoshoot with Ibrahim and she arrived at the location not knowing what was actually in store for her. When she started the photoshoot, Victor came out from hiding and began serenading her by playing the piano. She was pleasantly surprised. After the performance, they had a long talk about what had happened to their relationship.

Jane was initially hesitant to take him back, but when he promised to not overreact again, she agreed to give the relationship another try. All is well in the end and it’s another success for the Love Come Back team.

Love Come Back airs on Sundays at 6:30 PM on DStv Channel 151 for Premium and Compact Plus customers.

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