Mother marries son says she spent so much on his education

A Malawian mother has been reported married her own son. A woman who is identified as Memory Njemani 45, tied a knot with her son just because she invested a lot on his education.

According to a reliable source, when her son clocked 30 the said woman vow that she will not allow him to get marry to another woman. Her reason is that she worked so hard to train her son and she cannot allow another woman enjoy the fruits of her own labour. She also explained that it’s about time she enjoys herself with her son, because they both worked hard

“I invested a lot of money in the education of my son. Why should another woman be married to him and enjoy my hard work? I invested in him! That will not happen. I’m marrying my son so that we don’t empower other women who have been aborting.”

Wonder shall never end. Eventually the 30 years old man agreed to marry his mother which they eventually did.

A social media user screenshot the news on Instagram:


Oh my God! ??‍♂️

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