Morayo ‘Your View’ mocked Linda Ikeji for ending up as a Baby Mama

In what that was sound like a revenge motive, Morayo and her crew discussed Linda Ikeji in what they titled ‘Linda Saga’. Some of the ladies mocked Linda Ikeji after ending up as a baby mama, the act which Linda preach against.

Although Morayo sounds defensive for Linda, but some of the speakers wondered how Linda Ikeji could fall as a victim.

Linda Ikeji


Linda was the first to publish Morayo’s story which trends in the media, the post that could have broken Morayo’s marriage. Morayo was on tears in National TV while apologising to her husband.

The saying that goes, “Those who lives in class house couldn’t throw stone”. Linda was quick to gossip about people but she did not know that one day it could be her turn.



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