Misleading facts from Peter Obi during VP Debate

Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party during the Vice Presidential debate yesterday quoted a lot of figures which cannot be proven and called it facts.

Digging deep into the word ‘Fact’, A fact is a thing that is known to be consistent with objective reality and can be proven to be true with evidence.

Many of the facts quoted by the PDP Vice Presidential candidate are proven to false so they are not FACTS.

Nigerians should not be misled by the so-called facts by Peter Obi.

Let’s check some of the statements he referred to as facts:

There are 2 million vehicles in Nigeria – it is proven to be false. it is a lie. The fact of the statement is that there are 11 million vehicles in Nigeria. Source: NBS data

Oil gives you 80% of foreign exchange earnings – it is also proven to be false. According to the CBN.

To bring out goods from Apapa cost more than it costs to bring goods from Europe. It is false.

Nigeria has fallen on the global competitive index from 124 to 127. CHECKED: False. According to the latest (2018) World Economic Forum, Nigeria rose on the index by 10 places. Obi’s stance was true in 2016.

Apple Inc’s market cap is bigger than the economies of Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. It is proven to be false. Fact checking: The economies of these three countries are bigger than Apple.

Nigeria’s foreign direct investment for 2015 was $21bn, while it fell to $12bn in 2017. It is proven to be a white lie. The fact is that According to NBS capital importation reports, Nigeria’s total imported capital stood at $9.6 billion in 2015 and  $12.3 billion in 2017. Perhaps Obi meant 2014 when Nigeria’s total capital imported stood at $20.7 billion.



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