Meet The Six-Man Crew Of Air Peace Who flew To Beijing, China To Bring Medical Supplies For Nigeria

Kudos to the CEO Air Peace. He has the interest of Nigerians at heart more than our so-called leaders in Nigeria.

This is the second time he is doing the unthinkable. May God bless the pilots, the crew and the CEO.

So proud of you guys , you guys have indeed proven beyond words your dedication to the fight against this pandemic and it’s spread in Africa and Nigeria. Nigerians can’t thank you enough but your labour shall never be in vain. God bless you all.

But my question now is, Did Air peace went to China on a free of charge bargaining or the federal government is paying for the service rendered as the country does not have a national carrier?

Congratulations Air peace for giving Nigeria a bride of place. They never mention airpeace in all the presidential task force broadcast so bad.

General motors was paid by the US government $500,000,000 to produce ventilators yet every night President Trump sing it like a song. They where not favored or chosen they are the only Nigeria carrier that have the capacity at this moment to do the job QED.


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