Meet Ajibola Elizabeth The Highest Paid Blue Film Actress in Nigeria

Ajibola Elizabeth otherwise known as Maami Igbagbo was brought into the world with a silver spoon.

Despite the fact that at her initial she needed to bear the obligations of her family and more distant family has she lost her mom to the virus hands of death at a beginning time.

A gullible Elizabeth began as a helper nurture before completion the vocation following eighteen months provided that a lot of duties.

She WS at that point compelled by wealthy individuals in the general public to lay down with them for cash.

As destiny will have it, she met Kingtblak from who she took in all she expected to turn into an afult entertainer before beginning to have her own recordings and sell them at premium costs.

Today, she discharges in any event a video pretty much consistently with various types of men.

She is a name to deal with in the grown-up film industry. She as of now worths $3000


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