Meet a man who proposed to Linda Ikeji [Photos]

Meet a man who proposed to Linda Ikeji. A Nigerian popular blogger Linda Ikeji has just being proposed to. The media is flushed with the news of Linda Ikeji proposal from yet unkown man. Nigerians are already celebrating the news of her proposal while many are eager to know who the lucky man is. Many celebrities like her are already sending her congratulating messages through different platform of social media.

But who proposed to Linda Ikeji? who is Linda Ikeji’s husband? linda Ikeji ex-boyfriend that proposed to her? who engaged Linda Ikeji etc are the questions Nigerians yet to find answer to. Well Linda Ikeji’s ex-boyfriend proposed to her but what is the name of this ex-boyfriend. Read on.

Instagram was on fire as many Nigerians tweet to congratulate Linda Ikeji as she received proposal from her ex-boyfriend.

Let meet some Nigerian celebrities who rejoice with Linda Ikeji on Instagram.


Linda engagement keeps trending on the social media and what some people are seaching for is who is the lucky man that proposed to Linda Ikeji.

Meet a man who proposed to Linda Ikeji

In our investigation, we find out the name of Linda Ikeji ex-boyfriend who possible proposed to her. The name of the man is Dan Foster. Dan Foster is a Nigerian based American Radio presenter. He has worked with different radio stations in Nigeria. Dan Foster and Linda Ikeji were in serious relationship before problem started coming in their relationship. They broke up when Linda Ikeja discovered that Don Foster has arleady married.

Meet a man who proposed to Linda Ikeja
Meet a man who proposed to Linda Ikeji

Don Foster granted an interview with Punch where he disclosed that he took Linda for granted “I took her for granted and I was dating another person while I was dating her. I tried to keep a relationship in Abuja, another in Warri while she (Linda Ikeji) was in Lagos.”

Meet a man who proposed to Linda Ikeja
Meet a man who proposed to Linda Ikeji

A source revealed to that Don Foster and Linda Ikeja are back together and their relationship is heading to a marriage until the news of Linda Ikeji engaement broke out yesterday. Don Foster would have been responsible for Linda Ikeji’s proposal.

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