Meet 30-Year-old Popular Actor Who Married 50 Year Old Woman

The Kannywood popular star, Abdulaziz Shuaibu who married a 50 year old woman last weekend has open up regarding the marriage. The actor is a well known star in a popular Arewa24 Hausa TV series “Kwana Casa’in”. In an interview yesterday with Kannywood Exclusive Magazine, a weekly magazine of of the Hausa film industry, he speaks on the reasons why he married the 50 year old woman despite the fact that he is younger than her.

The actor stated that he marries the woman because they love each other and they have been in love for more than one year. He mentioned that they wanted to marry since last year but due to some obstacles, they were unable to achieve their goal so the marriage was shifted to this month.

When asked about a lady that he married earlier this year in January, he said that he is still together with her and she is even the one that is advocating his marriage with the the 50 year old woman. He urges his fans to debunk the rumour that he married the woman because she is rich and he described the statement as a mere propaganda by some set of peopleto discredit him. He also thanks the fans for the enormous and unconditional support they are giving him always.


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