Man shoots wife, brother after catching them having sex

A middle-aged man has gotten himself into trouble after he shot his wife and elder brother for having sex in their matrimonial home.

The man has gone to bed after a meal before he was hearing a strange sound coming from other room. He quickly woke up and behold he caught his wife with his elder brother making love in their spared room.

He rushed back to the store, brought out his gun. He shot his wife on the head and as his elder brother tried to escape, he gunned him down as well.

Reporting the incident, Metro news UK wrote “Oleg Kirkunov told police his brother Evgeny had joined him and his wife Olga Sukhanova for a meal and drinks at their home in the Russian city of Ufa.”

“Evgeny, 65, was invited to stay the night and went to bed in the couple’s spare room.”

“But 54-year-old Oleg woke in the night after hearing noises coming from the spare room.”

“Realising his wife was not in bed beside him, he went to investigate and found his brother having sex with his wife.

Graphic footage recorded by police shows 44-year-old Olga lying dead on the bed, with a huge head wound and the body of Evgeny can be seen on the floor in a pool of blood”


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