Malika Haqq Instagram nude photo tears social media apart

Malika Haqq Instagram nude photo…The former Celebrity Big Brother Uk housemate Malika Haqq has gone completely unclad on her Instagram page. Malika Haqq was evicted few days to the final of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 reality show but she creating public attention on the Instagram. She shares her nude and got people talking.

Malika Haqq is a best friend of Khloe Kardashian. If you wonder the knid of person she is. Malika is a model, actress and she has featured in movies like School For Scoundrels, ATL and Somebody Help Me 2. Something you should also know about Malika is that she pulls a whole of fans on her Instagram page. She has close to 4 millions followers on her Instagram.

Malika Haqq Instagram nude photo

She captioned the post accomplished the nude phote this, ‘everything about this woman, me.’

Malika Haqq Instagram nude photo
Malika Haqq Instagram nude photo

Mixe reactions trailing Malika nude Instagram photos. Many of her fans who don’t feel comfortable with the photo condemned her actions while some feel it as just entertainment. Read some of the reactions below.

  • rositerjulie@rositerjulie@shannon_mareee. Check out this farley Claire was that thinks we are all jealous of Malika. Hahaha. Idiot
  • rositerjulie@shannon_mareee ohhh I see you already encountered this freak. !!! Hahahaha.
  • rositerjulie@rositerjulie I just tagged you in another ignorant post of hers I didn’t know you had the pleasure. !!! Hahaha
  • rositerjulie@ethanern_k she likes to hide that fact about herself but always talking about being true to herself … just another phoney
  • bestest_couponingif you Know you Got it… Flaunt it Babygirl 💣🔥
  • asshhleeeeeYou’re so beautiful 💕
  • ethanern_k@rositerjulie I don’t think she follows Islam as a religion

Malika Haqq Instagram nude photo === Comments

  • jessiefreemann@oxokenzie hate to disagree. i believe totally in women empowering women but do you really think this amount of photoshop is helping the feminist movement? letting girls and women believe that this is the aim to look like?
  • tanyathorne_ stop envying cuz she’s hotter than you ugly soul
  • oxokenzie i’m not saying you have to look like this to be beautiful you need to be your own beautiful everyone’s body is different, i wish i had her tone body but i like mine because it’s mine obviously everyone wants everything they don’t have but if you look at this and say omg i have to be like that to get a guy or look good for society you need to talk to someone about that she doesn’t have a bf and she works out all the time, people have to work hard to make their body your temple to make them happy. she isn’t raising these kids to say hey you better look like this shit their not her kids! parents need to be saying to them your beautiful the way you are and if you want a tone one you can. or not let them on social media until they know their perfect the way they are.
  • rositerjulie@tanyathorne_ no one was talking to you nosey rosey. !!! 😘😘😘
  • tanyathorne_You’re still ugly inside and probably outside too granny ok bye 😫😫
  • rositerjulie@tanyathorne_ ok Chewbacca have a nice day. !! 😛😛😛
  • tanyathorne_@rositerjulie okay granny have a nice day too 😗
  • rositerjulie@ethanern_k yeah I don’t think so either

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