Lockdown: More People Are Dying From Robbery Attack Than COVID-19

The Ifako-Ijaiye area of Lagos State has experienced a high rate of robbery attack during the lockdown of Lagos State which entered day 5.

Our head office which located in Ifako Ijaiye area almost raided by robbers this afternoon thanks to the intervention of boys in the area. Those boys have taken it upon themselves to provide security for the area since Police are timely available whenever they are called upon.

It all started when President Buhari announced the total lockdown of Lagos, Ogun and Abuja. Lagos state quickly complied to the directive from the Federal Government while Ogun State delayed for some days before locking down the state.

A few days ago, robbers were on the rampage at Adura, Alagbado Lagos, going from one house to another with guns and other dangerous weapons. A man was reported shot and died in the process when he refused to cooperate with them.

According to an eyewitness at Fadipe Street, Mr Tobi who narrated how a middle-aged man was killed by the robbers on that fateful night. He said when the robbers finally gained entrance into the home of the deceased who is identified as Mr Aliyu. He was asked to bring the money and valuables in his house but he refused instead he slapped one of the robbers even his wife was tried to give them the money but Mr Aliyo also slapped his wife that was when one of the robbers shot him twice in the chest and they fled his resident.

The effort to save the man’s life was not successful. Before they could get to the hospital the Mr Aliyo has given up the ghost.

The residents at Alagbado and the environs are living in fear as they don’t know the time it will get to their turn.

The latest robbery took place this afternoon at about 3 pm on Sunday, when a group of robbers drove in with Danfo stormed the street opposite to our office at Sanu Street. But luck ran out of them as the street boys caught two of them. The two robbers were beaten seriously even about to be lynched when Police came for their aid.

My State News published an article complaining about the rate of hunger during the lockdown that many people are infected by COVID-19 motivated hunger virus but the killings of innocent people by the street robbers are more dangerous than the coronavirus everybody is preventing.

Lagos State has recorded two death from COVID-19 but robbers have killed more than 5 people in Ifako-Ijaiye for just five days of lockdown.

Nigerian Government should do more to support Nigerians during the lockdown period and palliatives package for all Nigerians is not a bad idea.



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