Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday Eviction show

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday eviction show. third eviction show is loading…#BBNaija 2018 Reality show live updates available here on the page. Ebuka the host of this year BBNaija has made a wonderful announcement that one pairs will be evicted tonight. Who will that be?

Welcome to live third Big Brother Naija Eviction show.

The tension is over the 4 pairs that are up for eviction. One of the pair Ceelo, Lifu, Tolex or Mito will be Evicted tonight.

Oh my God, Lifu has been evicted from Big Brother Naija 2018 reality show.  Alex is heart-broken as she swept bitterly. Leo and Ifu Ennada are leaving the house.

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday Eviction show

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday Eviction show

Alex is crying for Leo…..

Tolex has just been saved by vote. We are left with Lifu and Mito


Good news for Ceelo. Ceelo have been saved by the Big Brother Naija. Ebuka made the announcement and Ceec and Lolu have been saved by the vote. Congratulations to them.

Ebuka with amazing outfit.  BBNaija has announced the removal of immunity clause for the Head of House and henceforth Housemates will not be paired..

Eviction fever has caught the housemates which BBNaija pair will go home tonight? Three pairs are nominated for eviction tonight..

Angel evicted from BBNaija 2018

Ahneeka evicted from BBNaija 2018

Gela team has been evicted from BBNaija 2018. Angel and Ahneeka are out of the game. They are to leave the house now.


Lifu saved


The team Lifu has been saved. It means that Lifu team will remain in the game. Ceelo and Gelah still awaits their fate.

The show has started with Dr Sid wonderful performance. He is giving out his song title Surelere and Kabiyesi.

K.Brule and Khloe have been disqualified from the Big Brother House due to three Strikes. Also Dee-One has just been given a Strike from Biggie for provocation.

There will not eviction this Sunday, Ebuka made this known that this would enable housemates to get more familiarity with their new pair. But why was cried last night? She cries over Leo, Ebuka is asking her.

Team Van-Dee ‘Vandora and Dee-One’ evicted.

Oh my God. This is not expected BBNaija shocked everybody in the house. Vandora and Dee-One have evicted from the BBNaija 2018.

Live entertainment from Mr 2kay. He is performing his smash hit medley Belema and Banging.

Prito and Princess evicted

Haaa.. The first pair to be evicted from BBNaija 2018 reality show if Prito with emotions he is saying Goodbye to BBNiaja huging follow housemates. You know he is going with his pair Princess.

Nigeria Music star Oritse Femi introduced the Sunday eviction show by entertaining the audiences with song.

It is time for Ebuka to announce the first pair to be evicted tonight. but before then, the highlights of beautiful moments of the show within the week.


Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday Eviction show

Head of House Game Qualification.

Ladies come fisrt to play for the head of house qualify.

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday Eviction show

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday Eviction show

Now it is how well you can twerk your body to released all the ball.

Whao at the end of the game for the ladies, K-Square and BamBam qualify while Vandora was disqualified.

All the boys were disqualified because ladies failed to give them good song.

So as it stands, Khloe, Ifu Ennada and Bambam are qualified for tomorrow.

Head Of House Game

Tobi has retained the Head of House. Congrat to Tobi


Nomination and Eviction

There is a good news for K_Square as he may be safe for now. but they will have to call on for more luck as they face REAL Nominations tomorrow

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday show

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday eviction show

Princess is not shaking at all she said when happened it is good strategy.

Live Updates of BBNaija 2018 Sunday show

At the end of the day nobody is evicted it was just a fake from Ebuka…that was scaring..

#BBNaija 2018

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