List of 68 political parties in Nigeria – Check it out

This post contains the update of list of 68 political parties in Nigeria. The Independent National Electoral Commission has issued the certificate to 22 new political parties in Nigeria. The list of Political parties in Nigeria has increased to 68. mystatenews has all the list of 68 political parties in Nigeria. Major of Nigerian only know about four political parties in Nigeria. You can join any of the 68 political parties in Nigeria.

Nigeria runs a multiparty system. Political parties in Nigeria never only People Democratic Party PDP and the ruling ALL Progressive Congress APC. There are other political party in Nigeria and 21 are added today the list of political parties in Nigeria now 68. Check the list of 68 political parties in Nigeria below.

List of 68 political parties in Nigeria

  1. All Blending Party,
  2. All Grassroots Alliance,
  3. Alliance for New Nigeria,
  4. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party,
  5. Coalition for Change and Freedom and Justice Party.
  6. Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria,
  7. Justice Must Prevail Party,
  8. Legacy Party of Nigeria,
  9. Mass Action Joint Alliance,
  10. Modern Democratic Party,
  11. National Interest Party,
  12. National Rescue Mission
  13. New Progressive Mission.
  14. New Progressive Movement,
  15. Nigeria Democratic Congress Party,
  16. People’s Alliance for National Development and Liberty,
  17. People’s Trust
  18. Providence People’s Congress
  19. . Re-Build Nigeria Party,
  20. Restoration Party of Nigeria
  21. Sustainable National Party.

The above poltical parties are the newly registered political parties in Nigeria. The old political parties in Nigeria are listed below.

List of 68 political parties in Nigeria

  1. Accord A
  2. Action Alliance AA
  3. Action Party of Nigeria APN
  4. Advanced Congress Of Democrats ACD
  5. African Democratic Congress ADC
  6. African Liberation Party ALP
  7. African Political System APS
  8. African Renaissance Party ARP
  9. All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA
  10. All Progressive Congress APC
  11. Better Nigeria Progressive Party BNPP
  12. Change Advocacy Party CAP
  13. Citizens Popular Party CPP
  14. Community Party of Nigeria CPN
  15. Congress for Democratic Change CD
  16. Democratic Front for Peoples Federation DFPF
  17. Democratic Peoples Alliance DPA
  18. Democratic Peoples Party DPP
  19. Freedom Party of Nigeria FPN
  20. Hope Democratic Party HDP
  21. Justice Party JP
  22. Kowa Party KP
  23. Liberal Democratic Party of Nigeria LDPN
  24. Mega Progressive Peoples Party MPPP
  25. National Democratic Liberty Party NDLP
  26. National Democratic Party NDP
  27. National Majority Demoratic Party NMDP
  28. National Movement of Progressive Party NMPP
  29. National Reformation Party NRP
  30. National Solidarity Democratic Party NSDP
  31. National Transformation Party NTP
  32. National Unity Party NUP
  33. New Democrats ND
  34. Nigeria Advance Party NAP
  35. Nigeria Elements Progressive Party NEPP
  36. People For Democratic Change PDC
  37. Peoples Democratic Party PDP
  38. Peoples Mandate Party PMP
  39. Peoples Party of Nigeria PPN
  40. Peoples Progressive Party PPP
  41. Peoples Redemption Party PRP
  42. Progressive Action Congress PAC
  43. Progressive Peoples Alliance PPA
  44. Republican Party of Nigeria RPN
  45. Social Democratic Mega Party SDMP
  46. United Democratic Party UDP
  47. United National Party for Development UNPD
  48. United Nigeria Peoples Party UNPP
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