Latest PlayStation 5 release date and price rumors for worldwide markets

There has been no shortage of speculation in regard to the actual release date of the PlayStation 5 and its final recommended retail price. The latest suggestion has come up with a slightly earlier date than many believe, while the worldwide market prices listed on this occasion for the PS5 seem to be in line with what is already generally expected.

A new “leak” concerning the potential release date and market prices for the PlayStation 5 has made its way to the 4channel imageboard. While we already know the PS5 is scheduled for a Holiday 2020 release, with many guessing at some point in November, this supposed new “secret” information has plumped for an earlier October release instead. The post also makes mention of a PS5 reveal to take place on February 5.

As for the prices for the PS5, the same post has gone with worldwide market price tags of US$499/£449/€449/¥54,999. Much of the speculation around the cost of the PlayStation 5 has fallen at around the US$500 mark, so these prices seem at the very least believable, if not necessarily genuine. There is also further mention of the console’s backwards compatibility, reaching all the way back to PS1 games.

However, like all PS5-related rumors from spurious sources, it is wise to take this information in a skeptical manner. For instance, the post states “Sony will return to E3 for 2020 to discuss more on the PS5 and other upcoming titles”.  As we recently reported, a spokesperson for Sony already made it clear that the company would not be figuring at E3 2020 – thus casting some doubt over the veracity of these latest rumors.


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