LAPO: Consequences Of Borrowing From LAPO Microfinance And Failed To Repay

There are some consequences of borrowing from LAPO and some people even just that the money is spiritual because when you get that loan it always if not impossible to repay. A lot of women have been caught in this wed.

LAPO is a microfinance institution that was created in line with the structural adjustment program(SAP) In 1986.

Since then till today LAPO has been rendering loan and credit services to Nigerians but of which comes with a dire consequence if the loan is not paid back at the right time.

Look to see how LAPO operates and recover loan in Nigeria. Among which include putting their victims in the toilets, arresting them, and all sorts of ungodly acts.


LAPO (Lift Above Poverty Organization) have the most fierce, ruthless, brutal and emotionless Loan recovery team in the Nigeria.

You collect loan from LAPO and refuse to pay back? You wouldn’t even dare because those people will show you pepper

You will see the LAPO officials in your dreams, when you wake up, they will be there waiting for you by your bed side.

If you open your fridge, You will see them, anywhere you go, you will see them. They won’t lock you up in cell, you will be locked up in a public toilet.

You can’t even try to die because they will make sure that you don’t die. They will pay your hospital bills to make sure you are alright. You can’t die dear, you have to stay alive to pay what you owe.

LAPO will make sure you pay every kobo back. Candid advice: Tell your friends and families, if they know they wouldn’t be able to pay back, they should not try to take loans from any credit givers especially LAPO. Else, their life will be in disarray.

From the name they call their loan, anyone sensible enough should understand well that if they won’t pay back, they should not even go there.

The name is “Gbomu le lantern” Which means “Put your breasts on a lantern”

Death is better than a LAPO loan unpaid. Be warned. Stay away from LAPO loan.


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