Landlord Killed By 13-Year-Old Armed Robber At Kola In Lagos State

The effect of COVID-19 lockdown is telling on most Lagosians. the Awawa boys, the one thousand boys have taken over most part of Lagos State. The recent atrocity committed by these boys most made up of teenagers was the killing of a Landlord in the Kola area the boundary between the Ogun and Lagos State.

The boys who raided the area at night took a turn of the houses in the street where about two Landlord were killed.

A man who narrated to My State News, how those boys robbed him of all his valuable, disclosed that 5 days broke into his house at about 11 pm. I was surprised to see the youngest boys among about 13 years old with gun. He commanded me to bring my phone, money and every I have in the house seeing him with a gun, quickly released my phone, that of my wife and children to them with the little money I have at home. They collected it and left for another house.

The wife of the late Landlord who narrated how her husband was killed by the 13-year-old boy said when the robbers entered into our house. They ordered my husband to lie down at that time we are all in our knee but my husband sighted the boy who asked him to lie down as a child, he refused. They asked him to bring the money will have in the house, my husband said that there is no money in the house. I now sensed a danger, i replied them that we have little money at home. Attempting to give them the money, my husband stopped me. That was when the eldest among the robbers ordered the 13 years old boy to shoot my husband. Without wasting time, he shot my husband twice in the chest. They left.

We rushed him out to the hospital that midnight but before we could get to the ital, my husband gave up.



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