Lady turns down boyfriend’s proposal after 10 years of dating

-In what sound like an unbelievable story but yet true, a Nigerian lady rejected her boyfriend’s proposal after dating for ten years and commitment,

It was gathered that upon proposal the lady asked her boyfriend to give her a reason to consider his proposal, she further requested of him to prove to her that their marriage would be successful and she would lead a better life.


A Twitter user identified as The High Priestess shared story of the lady who turned down her boyfriend’s proposal after a decade long relationship. On her Twitter page the lady recounted the story of how her friend rejected a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of ten years. According to the Twitter user, her friend asked her boyfriend to give her a reason to consider the marriage proposal. And added she would only consider the union if only he can prove that it would enhance her life.


On her post she wrote “My friend turned down a marriage proposal last week. She has been dating the guy for almost 10yrs and according to her she is perfectly fine with her life. She will only consider marriage if her BF can prove it will enhance her life and make it better. Dude could not.” The Twitter user revealed that the man who could not take his girlfriend’s rejection called on his family to help him pressure her into marrying him. She noted that the man tried begging her, manipulating her and even threatened her.


According to the Twitter user, she stated that her friend did not see the point in getting married if she could be happy just dating. The High Priestess also asked people not to judge her friend, stating that no one asked why the man just deemed her worthy after ten years.


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