#BBNAIJA2018. Khloe caught in bed with Kbrule [VIDEO]

Khloe caught in bed with Kbrule. The sex hunt Khloe is in the news again. This time Khloe caught red-handedly in bed with Kbrule. Khloe inability to control herself has once again confirmed. She was spotted kissing the Kbrule in bed.

Khloe and Kbrule were seen in an atmosphere of romance which is almost end up in real sex while the rest of Housemates watching.

Khloe caught in bed with Kbrule

According to Dailypost which first report the news, said both of them almost shared a kiss as Kbrule kept touching her, leaning for one. However, Khloe kept resisting, appearing cautious of the camera.

Khloe was in the news yesterday when her nude photo surfaces online and was trending in all platform of social media.

Watch the video below.



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