Just In: Three Armed Robbers Arrested At Ipaja Lagos

There has been unrest and chaos in some parts of Lagos state as well as Ogun state over the past few days.

The crime rate in areas like Ipaja, Sango Ota, Agege etc has been on the increase as the result of the lockdown in the country.

Some guys mostly in their teeens seized the opportunity to cause to rob innocent citizens of their belongings.

Residents in the affected area took it upon themselves to secure their homes by coming out in the night for guards.

Just now, a Twitter user is reporting how they intercepted some guys who were in possession of a rifle and cutlasses inside a mini bus.

“A mini bus sped into Aboru, through Ayo afolabi road, coming from estate gate, abesan, ipaja.

The bus was stopped eventually by guys waiting at a junction.

Inside the bus were three guys, and in the bus, A GUN WAS FOUND!!!

Funny enough, the guy was standing with us, walking about when we were burning tyres in each junction. We dunno when he left and the next time he was seen was in the mini-bus driving.

He was asked where he saw the gun, he said the gun is for his grandfather, he was using it to

protect himself.

Also, in the bus, there were so many ladies slippers, children footwears and cutlasses.

One of the three guys ran away eventually and the other two guys were held down.

We summoned the police and they came immediately to pick them.

We are still outside.


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